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Colorado Hard Money

Local Colorado Hard Money Lender: Residential and Commercial Hard Money Loans throughout Colorado

Fairview Lending is Colorado’s most reputable Hard Money lender. Fairview has an office in Denver, Colorado to handle all of your Colorado Hard Money Lending needs. As a Colorado Hard Money Lender, Fairview can lend on both non owner occupied residential properties along with commercial properties. Fairview is Colorado’s leading Hard Money lender and solely lends its own funds. As a local Colorado Hard Money lender, Fairview can close loans that traditional lenders are unable to close. These include borrower with less than perfect credit or properties that do not fit traditional underwriting standards.

Recent Colorado Hard Money Lending transactions:

  • Non owner single family home: Denver, CO: Borrower had acquired the home and paid all cash as an investment property. The market softened and borrower needed to tap equity for other ventures
  • Commercial Retail Center: Aurora, CO: Borrower owned small commercial property in Colorado. Borrower had run into credit difficulties and need cash to take care of other obligations
  • Non owner single family home: Cherry Creek, CO: Borrower had rental property with substantial equity. Property currently occupied by a tenant. Borrower self employed real estate agent that needed to tap equity for various reasons
  • Investment condo: Steamboat Springs, CO: Borrower unable to obtain conventional financing since the property was considered a nightly rental property. Borrower needed to close quickly to take out an existing loan that was coming due.
  • Non owner single family: Red Feather Lakes, CO: Borrower owned property free and clear. Needed cash quickly for business working capital. Unable to obtain conventional financing since borrower self employed and took large write-offs in prior years

Colorado Hard Money Lender guidelines:

  • No upfront fees
  • Able to accommodate difficult credit situations (poor credit, prior credit issues, etc..)
  • No Appraisals Required (inspection done by Fairview for no charge)
  • Non-owner residential properties or commercial properties
  • Loans in Denver & throughout Colorado
  • Loan amounts: 25-500k
  • Fifty percent ( 50%) Loan to Value (LTV)
  • More information on Colorado Hard Money Lending Guidelines:

Colorado Hard Money Lending Resources:

Why choose Fairview for your Colorado Hard money needs?

  • Reputable Local Colorado hard money lender with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Direct Colorado hard money lender: we only lend our own money
  • No upfront fees
  • Honest answers quickly
  • Familiarity with all submarkets in Colorado and throughout Colorado
  • Honest answers quickly for all your Colorado hard money questions
  • All loans closed are held and serviced in house
  • Able to structure your Colorado hard money transaction to meet your specific needs
  • Able to structure Colorado hard money loans as long as five years to give the borrower ample time to transition into more conventional programs

Call Colorado’s local Hard Money lender at 303.459.6061 to discuss your loan scenario today. When you call you will talk directly to the Colorado Hard Money Lending underwriter and receive an honest answer quickly.